Bounty program

King treasures:
  • King Rank 1: receives 1 KING token
  • King Rank 2: receives 3 KING tokens
  • King Rank 3: receives 5 KING tokens
  • King Rank 4: receives 5 KING tokens, with each having an initial value of 0.5 ETH or more.
  • King Rank 5: receives 5 KING tokens of their choice, as well as 5 more KING tokens selected by us, with an initial value of 0.5 ETH or more.

Rules: You must be registered on KingLovin. We're choosing from the highest ranking 1,000 submissions from now until May 5, 2018.

Here's how it works:

Create any type of content you want (articles, videos, social media posts, tweets, etc.) to promote KingLovin. Write about the program, discuss your experience with KingLovin, talk about the contracts you own now or have owned in the past, create tutorials or reviews, or anything else that you think will help promote the program. You can post your content on social media or blogs, contact news organizations, publishers, or magazines to get the content featured, and post about KingLovin on reddit,, local facebook groups, message boards, or anywhere else online.

Submit links and screenshots of your content to by May 5, 2018.

Our team will review submissions and rank each on a scale of 1 to 10 based on their value to the program. How we score your submission depends on a few different metrics:

Influence: How many social media followers you have and how many likes, shares, retweets, and/or views your content achieved.

Your Effort: How accurate, well-written, engaging, and informative your content was.

Overal Impact: If your content goes viral, your article discussing KingLovin was published on a major national website or in print, this would help push the scale towards a 10.