Frequently asked questions

What software do I need to play KingLovin?

Buying a KING token requires only 3 things:

  • A computer (laptop or desktop) with Chrome or Firefox browser installed.
  • The MetaMask browser add on. Download it here.
  • Ether, which is the cryptocurrency used on KingLovin and available for purchase through the MetaMask browser add on.

How do I install MetaMask?

It is super easy, just go to MetaMask while in Chrome or Firefox.

In Chrome

In Firefox


  • Click "Add Extension" on the pop-up.
  • Review & Accept the Privacy and Terms policies.
  • Set up your MetaMask account (don't worry, it's easy)
  • Copy your 12 seed words and file them away somewhere safe (this helps to secure your account).

How do I add Ether to my MetaMask wallet?

There are two ways to add Ether (the cryptocurrency from Ethereum) for the first time to your wallet. If you don't currently own Ether, you can:

  • Buy Ether directly in MetaMask. This is only possible for US citizens.
  • Purchase Ether through a Coinbase or another exchange, and then send the Ether to your MetaMask wallet address.

If you currently own Ether, you can transfer your Ether from your existing digital wallet to your MetaMask wallet. Just copy your MetaMask address, open up Coinbase, and click on the "Accounts" option. Click the "Send" button, paste your MetaMask address in the box, add the amount of Ether you want to transfer, and complete the transaction.

So, what is KingLovin?

KingLovin is a game where you can become a virtual King of a popular world city.

Once you own a KING token to a specific city, you're the only one in the world who has it. That is, until another player comes along and pays you up to double your purchase price to own that KING, at which point you no longer own it.

The investment: Every time you buy a Throne with a KING, it automatically goes up in value. If someone else wants to buy it, they have to pay you up to 2 times what you purchased the token for.

How do I become a King?

Go to the Marketplace, scroll through the cities, and click on "Buy Now" or "Become King". You'll need to have enough Ether in your MetaMask wallet to cover the transaction; once you follow through the prompts and transfer the funds, you're officially the only person in the world who owns the KING token for that City on the Ethereum Blockchain main network.

How much does it cost to become a King?

That depends on the city. Because each token increases in cost after every transaction, the cost of each token depends on how many times the token has changed ownership.

Can I decide not to sell my KING token if someone wants to purchase it?

No, because anyone can purchase any KING token that you own, any time that they want to. However, you get up to double your purchase price in return.

Can I use my normal currency (USD, EUR, RMB, etc.) to buy a throne?

No. Because KingLovin is run on the same blockchain technology used by Ethereum, Ether is the only currency you can use to purchase thrones. You can convert your standard currency into Ether through an exchange or directly through your MetaMask wallet (depending on where you live).

Is KingLovin or KING tokens a type of cryptocurrency?

Think of a King's throne for your favorite City as collectibles – the new version of baseball cards, collectible figurines, or even artwork. While they do have value, that value is based on their desirability. You can make money on KingLovin thrones by selling the contracts in the game and receiving a higher ETH amount than you originally paid.

Why isn't my sale showing up on Etherscan?

Click the "internal transactions" tab to see the sale and wait until the transaction is recorded. This may take some time, just like a Bitcoin or Ethereum transfer, but also ensures and secures your ownership of the KING token.

Is KingLovin available for my phone or tablet?

Unfortunately, the current technology used to run the game is too much for your phone to handle. If your tablet runs Firefox or Chrome, you can play KingLovin on your tablet; however, the system runs best on a desktop or laptop with Metamask installed.

This has to be a scam. How are you making money?

We take a small percentage of each transaction when a KING token is purchased. That's it. There's no scam, and no hidden requirements. If you see a crown on the marketplace that you want to buy, you can do so for the full price, and then you own it. It's that simple.