How to Play

KingLovin is a crypto-collectible game where players can become the Kings of their favorite world cities.

Every available city has one smart contract token called a "KING". If you buy the KING token, you own it – nobody else can touch it unless they pay you up to double the price you originally paid for the contract.

Once you have the MetaMask browser add on installed and have chosen the cities you wish to reign over, just click on the big red "Become King" button.

KingLovin smart contracts are visible on the Ethereum blockchain main network, and can only be purchased with Ether - available through MetaMask. Every smart contract we create acts as a "KING" token and can only be owned by one person.

You can take over as King to any city, as long as you're willing to pay the price. In the same vein, anyone can purchase your contracts as long as they're willing to send you up to 2X what you originally paid for the contract.